Your Support is Appreciated!

Thank you for helping PawsCo

PawsCo is a Denver-based 501(c)3 animal welfare organization that aims to operate with the efficiency of a business and the heart of a nonprofit. Our organization is 100 percent volunteer-run, and we strive to maximize the amount of money that goes directly to animals through a combination of resourcefulness and whole-hearted commitment.

With your donation PawsCo is able to provide free and low-cost spay and neuter services to Colorado communities in need, keep pets in their homes by distributing pet food to families in need, and save the lives of homeless dogs and cats – moving them from underserved shelters to supportive foster homes, and then to loving forever homes.


Please Note:
PawsCo has partnered with Driven to Donate to operate our vehicle donation program. Your documentation for this donation, as well as all legal details associated with the donation, will be handled by Driven to Donate. PawsCo is the beneficiary of your donation and we are grateful for your support!