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Philanthropy Field Trips (PFT) makes it easy and fun for people to get involved with nonprofits in their communities through educational and service outings. 

What we do...

  • Philanthropy Field Trips organizes customized volunteer opportunities based on your needs and interests.


  • We connect individuals and groups to meaningful service projects in the Metro Denver area with nonprofits we believe are dedicated to improving their communities.


  • We work with people of all ages and abilities.


  • We take care of the details so you can focus on giving back and having fun!


Learn more about your community by participating in informative and educational field trips.
Serve the community through hands-on volunteer opportunities.

Have fun while you build social bonds with your fellow volunteers. 




Please Note:
Philanthropy Field Trips has partnered with Driven to Donate to operate our vehicle donation program. Your documentation for this donation, as well as all legal details associated with the donation, will be handled by Driven to Donate. Philanthropy Field Trips is the beneficiary of your donation and we are grateful for your support!